Meaningful Access

In recognition of recent news related to sanctuary cities and “ICE raids,” the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence wants to emphasize its commitment to providing services to all survivors of domestic and dating violence in the state including immigrant survivors. We recognize that survivors who are immigrants, especially those who are here with an undocumented status, currently live in a state of fear, and those fears are real and valid. We acknowledge that targeting survivors who are immigrants for the purposes of detention and deportation is an immense barrier to survivors seeking services and a further perpetuation of violence. Our programs are an essential life preserving emergency service and all survivors are worthy of receipt of these services. KCADV fully supports all immigrants no matter how they may be related or connected to our programs – staff, family, neighbors or community partners.

The following is a collection of online resources with information for both service providers and survivors:

We encourage programs to review with staff appropriate response to law enforcement should they appear at a program seeking to take individuals into custody. If law enforcement officers, including federal agents, such as ICE, come to a program without a valid search warrant signed by a judge, the appropriate response is to neither confirm nor deny that an individual is present or has accessed services at the program. Please refer to this link When May Immigration Enter My Home for information you can share with staff, residents, non-residential clients and community partners on right of entry of immigration officers.